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The low carbon era LED lighting development

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   With the international financial crisis, climate, environmental problems have become increasingly serious, countries all over the world are seeking the new way of environmental protection and energy saving. NPC and CPPCC hold, government of the" new energy" and" low carbon economy " of the new concept also gives height attention. However, the new energy to be in a relatively short period of alternative fuel sources have certain difficulty, so should be adopted to improve the technical and product improvement to vigorously promote low carbon economy.
   1、the implementation of low-carbon economic necessityLow carbon economy is to improve the energy utilization efficiency, to create clean energy structure and reduce carbon emissions, it is a kind of low energy consumption, low emissions, low pollution-based economy mode and the mode of economic development.China is a big country of consumption of electrical energy, including more than 70% of the electricity generated by coal-fired power, emissions of greenhouse gas emissions accounted for more than 40% of the total world, therefore, in the energy transformation in the reform, the most potential power, but the present our country lighting energy consumption accounts for power production from 10% to20%, in which the city public lighting in the lighting energy consumption accounted for 30%. According to statistics, China in street lighting in terms of annual consumption of more than100000000000 yuan charge of electricity, the power consumption is very surprising. Energy saving lighting problem already caused lighting technology fields of many research institutions and enterprises attach great importance to. Therefore, from lighting to proceed with research, to a large extent to achieve a low carbon economy concept, in which the LED deciding lighting the field of future trends.
   2、LED energy saving lighting prospectLED is a new type of electric light source industry a new force suddenly rises. The third generation light source is the twenty-first Century revolution, a new type of high-tech electric light source industry. In energy saving and emission reduction of conception of low carbon economy drive below, LED products for its high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection features to win a broad market. In the Chinese economy is facing all sorts of pressure of the sources of energy at the same time, in order to achieve a low carbon economy, the government has started to implement energy-saving lighting plan, and to promote, popularize energy-saving light source are used, some units have also begun to limit the use of the incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulb is disabled, replace sb. Light energy-saving lamps, cold cathode tube, LED etc.. If considering the restriction of hazardous substances, LED lighting will be the best choice.
   3、The characteristics LED.LED lighting has the following characteristics:
     (1) LED is the best source of environmental protection. LED glare is small, spectrum does not have excess ultraviolet and infrared, mercury and other harmful substances, in the transport, installation and use are not broken, and recyclable, no pollution. On the other hand, LED in the manufacturing process of energy consumption is very small, in the process of using the power consumption is low, thereby indirectly reduce the fuel power plant emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce the environment pollution, effectively explained the concept of low carbon products.
     (2) LED solid cold light source, very durable, long life. LED uses silkworm epoxy resin package, because of its special structure, has high mechanical strength, earthquake resistance, impact resistance and other characteristics, longevity is a type of electric light source. According to estimation, only LED service life usually up to 50000~ 100000h, thereby avoiding the lamps often change resource consumption.
     (3) good monochrome, color is rich, the light clear and soft, the use of computer control is very convenient. Its fast response, support lights stepless light, which can be based on the specific environment setting different intensity of the light, may also control the road or public places lighting switch, greatly reduces the power consumption of the lamps.
    (4) high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption. Illumination level for white light LED light emitting efficiency has reached 40~ 50lm/W, as technology continues to improve, in the near future, can reach about80lm/W, and the fluorescent lamp, or even expected to meet or exceed the level of high voltage sodium lamp; the power consumption of LED is very small, relatively the same luminous efficiency incandescent lamp, can save 80% of electricity.
     (5) LED in DC low voltage work, not only can the battery power supply, also can use AC power supply. The drive circuit is relatively simple, suitable for solar power, and thus a very good and national advocacy and development of new energy power generation technology combine.
   4、Recent development in China.LED is the future of a new generation of light source. Our LED product to start not late, now has formed a certain scale. China's LED technology and industry development is the strategic goal, to 2020 LED light efficiency of more than 180lm/W, covering the general lighting market30%, annual energy of 200000000000 kWh. Table 1is the LED lighting industry development target, and LED and the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp related parameters.

From table 1we can see, the next few years the development trend of LED is still very optimistic, and compared it with the traditional lighting, in the field of professional lighting energy saving effect is obvious. In the LED industry, the existence of similar in the microprocessor industry" Moore's law" -- the law of Haitz, LED chip price every 10 years for 10 years before the1/10, performance is increased by 20 times. The LED chip is the LED light source cost the main input, so its future is more optimistic. China lighting network technology based on LED lighting5LED application in various fieldsLED road lighting development is its public facilities construction is an important aspect, it widely penetrated into all need light field. LED in LCD backlight lighting application is the fastest growing, most potential market, and is gradually replacing the traditional lights in traffic signal lamp, landscape lamp, auto light source position. With the various aspects of LED performance increases, its application in various fields ratio will continue to increase, under this trend, LED for saving energy and reducing emission, low carbon economy contribution will be greatly enhanced, and reflected in the life in all its aspects.6ConclusionAlthough the LED is very optimistic about the prospects, but there are still a few development bottleneck, of which the most important is its poor heat radiation performance, the high cost of. Although the domestic haven't formed clear LED standard, but should seize the international to invest heavily in the historical opportunity of development, adhere to the guidance of government, to technological innovation as the core, through the global resource integration, to science and technology to drive the emerging LED industry development, in order to promote low carbon economy is comprehensive spread out.