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2012 Beijing LED Exhibition

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Held over the same period:

The seventeenth China International Lasers optoelectronics and Photonics Exhibition

The Ninth China International Machine Vision Technology and Application Conference

[Show time] on October 16, 2012 -18exhibition time

[Exhibition venue] exhibition Beijing China International Exhibition Center ( CIEC)

[Host unit] sponsored by China Council for the promotion of international trade / China Ministry of industry and information technology / China International Exhibition Center Group / China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association

[The show website] the show website www.cilopexpo.com

[Exhibition introduction] exhibition introduction

China's photoelectric week & the seventh Beijing International Exhibition of products and application of LED ( LOPE2012) is made by the people's Republic of China the formal approval of the State Council, China Ministry of industry and information technology and China Trade Promotion Committee to sponsor by Chinese, optical photonics industry association and CIEC-China International Center Group Co jointly hosted the international exhibitions. The first exhibition in Beijing in 1991China International Exhibition Center is held, exhibition aims to show the advanced photoelectric technology products, promote China's optoelectronics industry development, promote China optoelectronic enterprises and the world economic and Trade Enterprises Association for oversea company, understanding and entering the Chinese photoelectric market provides a platform to promote China, photoelectric production, learning and research, integrated development.

After more than 10 years of development, as China 's most authoritative top photoelectric products exhibition, the exhibition has attracted from more than 40 countries, more than 250000professional visitors, business people, business decision makers and36 overseas trade delegation to visit the photo exhibition about and, from 15 countries and nearly three hundred home newspaper and television reporters were reported, at the same time, there are from North America, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, the Chinese Academy of Sciences338 experts organized more than 100professional seminars, exhibitions turnover reached 30080000000yuan.

[Category of exhibits] the category of exhibits

LED display screen:

LED outdoor / indoor display, LED full-color / color / monochrome display, LED digital display, LED dot matrix display, OLED, LED video display, the display screen assembly, traffic signs, LED advertising signs, luminous three-dimensional characters, LED modules, LED back light source and application, display technology.

LED city lighting and lighting:

LED lighting, LED lights, LED Garden lights, landscape lights LED, LED lighting, LED lights, LED traffic signal lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED tunnel lamp, LED lamp, LED interior lighting, LED special field application and LED solar energy.

The LED components and equipment:

LED chip, LED epitaxial film, LED packaging and ancillary equipment, light emitting diodes, high-power devices, LED fluorescent powder, silicone, wafer and related material, LED control system and IC, LED manufacturing equipment and testing instruments, LED purification and dust removal equipment.

LED manufacturing equipment and testing instrument:

Dispenser, solid crystal machine, color separation / machine, LED rubber cutting machine, wave detector, moisture-proof cabinets / boxes