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Enhanced micro switch performance so as to enhance the competitiveness of

来源: Ningbo Weige Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.  作者: www.cn-weige.com  时间: 2012-07-24

Chinese suppliers have enhanced micro switch performance, in order to enhance competition ability. From traditional markets and emerging market demand continues to rise, the expected future several months will stimulate this kind of product development. Although China micro switch product still in entry-level and mid-range products, but some enterprises are launched with more high electrical and mechanical properties and additional value of models, to high-end market.

The present research work focused on improving the durability of the product, improve the rated current and voltage, reduce the operation force and prolongs the service life of the product. In product and life, are generally higher than1000000, the company 's goal is to raise 200to 3000000 times. Huizhou crown Thai electronic limited company G5 series control force can be low to15gf, rated current up to 26A, suitable for high power device.

At the same time, the manufacturer also is in improve product waterproof, explosion-proof, dust-proof and high temperature resistance, and the use of metal seal. In particular, Shenzhen Xing Yi Sheng Electronics Co. is introduced with the LED display switch, animation and other effects can be.

In addition, Chinese suppliers in improving the surface mount type ( SMD ) production, this kind of switch is suitable for compact design, more and more get the micro electronics and portable products using. The majority of firm output10-20% switch. To provide competitive prices, local enterprises to foreign manufacturers another strategy. For example, for the same structure and specifications of products, Huizhou crown Thai products prices than German suppliers offer cheap 30%.

Micro switch industry competition is very intense, Honeywell ( Honeywell ), OMRON ( Omron ), Alps and Burgess overseas manufacturers in the high-end market share advantage. Nevertheless, the local enterprises for the next few months achieved higher sales confidence. For example, Huizhou crown Thai is expected this year sales revenue will increase 50%, maintain growth in 2010. Yueqing City Mitsuo Electronics Ltd. is expected, its export sales and shipments will exceed last year's levels. In order to cope with the increase in orders situation, firms have to purchase new automatic equipment and increased foreign trade personnel.

China's micro switch sales

Extensive use of products, making China the microswitch industry maintains exuberant vitality. Despite the increasing prevalence of computer touch panel is weakening demand in area, but in other fields continue to micro switch industry bring order. The product is the most commonly used in household and commercial electrical appliances, such as an oven, washing machine and vending machines, water heaters, the game controller and the shredder.

In addition, the microswitch is also integrated into the sprinkler, water systems, industrial equipment and some of the PC and peripherals. Aviation and automobile industry on the product is also very interested, spacecraft, aircraft, tanks, turnstiles and electronic parking brake actuator are the main application.

China has about100micro switch supplier. The Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta is an important production base, most companies are located in Zhejiang and Guangdong Province two. From productivity looks, Wenzhou is China's largest production base of the microswitch, followed by Dongguan and Shenzhen. From the number of enterprises, Jiangsu province Suzhou city is focused on the country more than half of the micro switch manufacturing enterprises. From the enterprise nature, most manufacturer is a local enterprise, the other is in Taiwan or Hong Kong enterprises. From the production experience, the majority of enterprises have more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, and the production of other types of switch, touch switch, button switch, including a slide switch, rocker switch, toggle switch, rocker switch and switch blade. They provide relevant device, connector, socket. The ISO production line with9001 and14000 standard.

Types and specifications

Micro switch device mainly in structurally different. According to the size, is divided into basic, micro and ultra-micro. According to the rated current, is divided into ordinary type, DC, small current and high current type. Ordinary type for wide application in production, the majority of. According to the number of poles and a closed position, can be divided into SPST, SPDT, SPCO/SPTT, DPST, DPDT and DPCO.

Many models of the microswitch with stainless steel auxiliary pressing member, derived from a variety of enhanced application. The most popular in the market are a toggle switch, according to different application on the control force of the different requirements, and can be further divided into arcuate micro switch, micro switch, roller type short arm type sensitive switch, standard arm type micro switch and a long arm type sensitive switch.

In addition, there is a hinge rod type, button type and panel mounting type micro switch. A hinge rod type micro switch also includes a short hinge lever and wheel type hinge rod type, button type micro switch also comprises a short push button and spring fine button type. Panel mounting type switch can be increased by a general or a cross wheel, slightly changing the switch function and appearance. These products using screws or welding. Manufacturers also provide customized using the connection piece type, and with the movable rod or plate and other structure of the combination model.

Micro switch with 30000 to10000000 times the life of machine. The typical lifespan is 100000,200000,500000,1000000,3000000,5000000and 8000000. Mainstream products current rated current is 3-10A, voltage 30-200V. Chinese manufacturers of the products meet the RoHS requirements, some products also with ENEC, UL, CQC and cUL standards.

Materials and switch

Micro switch basically the use of plastic and metal manufacturing. The metal acts as a switch contact, decides the switch life and spirituality degree. Usually use brass, copper, silver and gold alloy and low impedance material. Contact may include a general type, separation, maintain clearance and clearance adjustable type.

As for the outer shell of the switch, the majority of manufacturers favor the PBT, because it has good fire resistance and the rate of crystallization. For cost considerations, some manufacturers use of phenolic plastics, PVC or PA46/66. Although these materials can be purchased from a local, but many manufacturers in order to the quality of products, from Japan and the United States still choose to purchase.

Last year, the prices of raw materials, prompting some components manufacturers will adjust the prices of our products. However, some manufacturers still hold price, in order to maintain sales and attract more buyers. Several said, if raw material costs continue to rise, this year plans to adjust the price. There are several said, are maintained and material suppliers to the long-term relationship between, to ensure a stable material supply and price advantage, and then avoid forced prices.

From the average price, the Chinese production base price of $0.02-0.09type switch, waterproof and dustproof mid-range products price of $0.10-0.95, large current and low power switch for the price of US $1 or more. Add a rocker and a shifting wheel, prices were increased0.40-0.50and $0.30.