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Intelligent control and protective switching devices technical parameters

来源: Ningbo Weige Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.  作者: www.cn-weige.com  时间: 2012-07-24

Control and protection of Electrical Co., Ltd.: specializing in the production of kb0cps intelligent control and protective switching devices, it is a multiple function equipment, uses the modular structure, the traditional set of circuit breaker, contactor, thermal relay, a fuse, motor protector and other low-voltage electrical function in a new type of intelligent products, the subjects rated current from 12a to125A, intelligent controller with adjustable working current is from 0.16A to125A, motor power control from 0.05kw to55kW, with automatic remote control and in situ direct human control function, has a panel indication and electrical signal alarm function, has an overvoltage and under-voltage protection function, has broken phase open-phase protection function, has coordinated time current protection characteristics ( with inverse time overload, time limit, instantaneous short circuit, instantaneous short circuit protection of large four ). According to the need of matching function modules or attachments, can realize the various types of motor load, distribution of load control and protection.

Main parameters

The two dimension ( i.e. two framework, code-named respectively, C, D ).

The main circuit is divided into:3 poles,4 pole.

The subjects rated current grade: C frame includes:12A,16A,18A,32A,45A;63A;

The D framework includes:45A,63A,100A,125A.

It can be equipped with electronic breaker cover setting range: minimum setting current of 0.4A, maximum current setting125A ( C0.4~63A D10~125A frame; frame ).

The short circuit breaking capacity of 12kw.

The prospective short-circuit current breaking time is 2 ~ 3MS, current limiting factor0.2 following.

The object is divided according to protection motor protection ( M, P, F ) distribution protection ( L )

According to the operating frequency of the divided into frequent operation and less frequent operation

The module and attachment types and uses

The subject: has the short circuit protection ( similar to MCCB and fuse short-circuit protection function), automatic control (similar to contact the remote control function ), local operation and indication function.

Electronic tripping device: with overload, overcurrent protection, current setting value including inverse time overload, overcurrent limit, the current setting value can be adjusted. According to the principle and usage is divided into several types, types and specifications.

The auxiliary contact ( mechanical passive F type and L type ): with the main circuit contact linkage, with electrical control and indication function, according to the contact pairs is divided into a variety of specifications. At the same time to provide 8 pairs of auxiliary contact.

The signal alarm contacts ( mechanical passive ): with the F type auxiliary contacts integrally linked with an operation mechanism, a working state and fault indication function. Have3 pairs and may also provide2 pairs of signal alarm contact.

The isolation of the auxiliary contact ( mechanical passive ): segregation and linkage type operating mechanism, realize the control circuit or ( and ) auxiliary circuit indicating function. At the same time to provide 2 pairs of auxiliary contact.

The panel operating mechanism mounted on the panel: complete device, without opening to KB0 for local operations, including the connection, disconnection, buckle again ( reset ). With a variety of different types and specifications of the mounting direction.

The control circuit for converting module: realize the control circuit of AC / DC conversion, low voltage control ( such as PLC direct control ) function.

The effect of KBCPS ( SKBO ) technology.

KB0 series of products through national identification, identification of the view that products of high technological content, in order to modular single structure, the circuit breaker, isolating switch contactor, overload relays, divided from the main functional components integrated, and can realize multiple signal, control and protection in the product from the. Has the advantages of small volume, short circuit breaking performance index is high, long life and high reliability of electrical operation, safe and convenient use, energy saving and material saving.

Product advantage

The separation of electrical system compared with

A. with control and protection from common characteristic

KBCPS ( SKBO ) series control and protective switching devices with control and protection functions, equivalent circuit breaker ( fuse ) + + + auxiliary electrical overload relay contactor. Very good solution to the separation element cannot or difficult to solve element between the protection and control characteristic of the matching problem, the protection and control characteristics with more perfect and reasonable ( with inverse time, time limit and instantaneous three section protection properties ), as long as the load power or current can be correctly choose a single product, instead of including self power incoming line end to the load end of various electrical appliances, without lowering the capacity; greatly reduces the workload of designers.

There is nothing comparable to this B. has the operation reliability and continuous system operation performance KBCPS ( SKBO ) in breaking short circuit current without maintenance can be put into use, that is breaking short circuit faults of continuous running performance: KBCPS ( SKBO ) in the breaking short-circuit current after the test, is not less than 1500 times of AC-44 electric life, which is composed of circuit breakers and other components of the system separation is difficult to achieve, KBCPS ( SKBO ) of this feature greatly improves the system reliability and system for continuous operation of.

C. energy saving material

KBCPS ( SKBO ) has the advantages of small size, less installation area, no separation component contacts, reduce line heating, energy saving, material saving etc..

The compared with molded case circuit breaker

A. has high breaking capacity, arcing distance short of the characteristics

KBCPS ( SKBO ) in 380V rated short-circuit breaking capacity Ics12kA.

B. and molded case circuit breaker. Compared with protection system, protection setting current can be adjusted characteristics

KBCPS electronic tripping ( inverse ) current and magnetic trip (definite ) current can be adjusted in the panel, which in addition to the conventional thermal protection under the current load power setting, overcurrent protection setting current may also be adjusted in the panel ( distribution load adjustment range is 0.4 ~ 1Ie, motor load adjustment range is 6 ~12Ie ). To overcome the molded case circuit breaker with short circuit protection setting current manufactured after the user cannot adjust the shortcomings, making KBCPS products even mounted at the ends of the line, short-circuit current is small, also has very good function of short circuit protection.

The performance is compared with the contactor has the advantages of long service life, convenient operation characteristics

KBCPS ( SKBO ) mechanical life of 500~ 10000000 times, the electrical life of AC-43 is 100 ~1200000 times, can be manually operated, but also can realize automatic remote control function. Advanced contact and electromagnetic separation type design, the effective suppression of contact bounce two times, greatly improving the product life, and is especially suitable for heavy load starting the harsh situation.

Other features

A. flexible installation

Horizontal, vertical, horizontal installation installation shall not affect the performance of. Can be widely used in compact equipment, including a fixed type or a drawer type MCC cabinet, in particular KB012,16,18,32,45 in 1/4and 1/2drawer application, with separate components incomparable superiority.

B. is safe and reliable, high protection level

In front of the plate, inserted after the wiring board connection terminals have contact prevention refers to the function, with high grade protection shell, can be applicable to civil damp places, basement, water, coal mine, port, shipbuilding, petrochemical and other fields, is the alternative current electromagnetic starter, protection type and combination type starter ideal product.