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  Time passed and Weige has been in business more than 10 years from 1999. Now Weige has developed from a small workshop into a modern enterprise with own brand, a certain scale and higher industry position, stronger market influence.
  Looking back, we have experienced successful happiness and encountered failed frustration; but in the enterprise development, Weige has always adhered to the core idea of client-centered, the guiding principle of quality first, and put training personnel and respecting personnel into the first place of enterprise development.
  We fully realize that outstanding enterprise can hardly do without the support and guarantee of excellent personnel. We attract talents all over the world, strive to create a harmonious and vigorous talent training environment,  leave a unlimited space to anyone could exert their talent, share the success of enterprise development with the employees, therefore, to form good mechanism for talents and enterprise to develop together. By condensing powerful forces of all Weige people, we turn numerous inconceivability and impossibilities into realities and possibilities.
  Looking into the future, we will continue to strengthen cooperation with universities and colleges, vigorously cultivate company R&D team, and provide customer the fastest speed and the optimal price. In the Five-year Plan (2011-2015), we will introduce E-commerce and expand internet platform, by efficiently replicate excellent business mode, to form operation system with many brand and multi-level, and to finally build “reality and fantasy network convergence in Zero-distance” to satisfy customer number-one requirement competitive force at first time.  
  Being an enterprise full of sense of social responsibility, Weige never forgets to undertake social responsibility while develop themselves continuously, insists in reaching win-win among society, customers and employees and prompting coordinated, harmonious and sustainable development between company and society.
  We firmly believe that Weige will overcome countless hardships, accept every challenge, grasp opportunity, create more development and build a better future with considerations of leaders at all levels, supports of friends in all fields and continuous efforts of ourselves.

                                                                                                                          General Manager: Lv Hong’er